Clarion County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ardery, Susannah Ella  10 Feb 1842Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1710
2 Beary, Edward F  8 Oct 1933Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5391
3 Dovenspike, Henry  14 Jun 1838Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5713
4 Goheen, Amy  Abt 1873Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5059
5 Goheen, Avanel  19 Apr 1918Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4600
6 Goheen, Bertrand Allen \Dick  14 Jul 1922Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4592
7 Goheen, Dale J   I4604
8 Goheen, Dale M  15 May 1926Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4597
9 Goheen, Davis Grant  5 Oct 1868Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2634
10 Goheen, George  4 May 1841Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1705
11 Goheen, Harry  8 Feb 1917Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4599
12 Goheen, Iva Marrions  Jul 1869Clarion County, Pennsylvania I6983
13 Goheen, James Grant  20 Jan 1920Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4589
14 Goheen, Jamie L   I5410
15 Goheen, John  9 Oct 1829Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1696
16 Goheen, Kevin  Abt 1959Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4591
17 Goheen, Larry Edward  14 Mar 1954Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5204
18 Goheen, Marcella Jane  31 Dec 1931Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5897
19 Goheen, Nancy  19 May 1833Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1700
20 Goheen, Theodore   I4601
21 Jack, John Michael  24 Apr 1820Clarion County, Pennsylvania I6822
22 Pence, Margaret Elizabeth  24 Oct 1902Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2738
23 Wilson, John McConnell  20 Oct 1812Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1717
24 Wilson, Penninah J  14 Feb 1830Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ardery, Susannah Ella  11 Apr 1910Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1710
2 Boal, Elizabeth  6 Jul 1866Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2746
3 Brisbin, James  19 Apr 1834Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2745
4 Goheen, Avanel  16 Sep 1919Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4600
5 Goheen, Dale M  5 Aug 1987Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4597
6 Goheen, David W  14 Dec 1916Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1706
7 Goheen, Davis W  1877Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1656
8 Goheen, Elizabeth  2 Dec 1883Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1657
9 Goheen, Elizabeth Ellen  3 Feb 1924Clarion County, Pennsylvania I7128
10 Goheen, Harry  11 Feb 1917Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4599
11 Goheen, James Grant  20 Aug 1996Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4589
12 Goheen, James M (Black Jim)  14 Aug 1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1651
13 Goheen, John Edward  4 Feb 1977Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2737
14 Goheen, Laura R  1941Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1719
15 Goheen, Marcella Jane  19 Sep 1932Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5897
16 Goheen, Mary Ann  30 Jun 1866Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1654
17 Goheen, Nancy  5 Mar 1918Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1700
18 Goheen, Ruth  25 Jul 1871Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2629
19 Goheen, Ruth  3 Sep 1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1659
20 Jack, John Michael  18 Jul 1894Clarion County, Pennsylvania I6822
21 Kirkpatrick, Robert Wilson  2 Jul 1894Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1701
22 Leadbetter, Roma Fay  23 Apr 2009Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5896
23 Marens, Sarah  CA 1854Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1695
24 Phillips, Agnes Genevieve  26 Mar 1993Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4595
25 Phillips, Olive B  1982Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4593
26 Reddinger, Florence  12 Apr 2005Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4603
27 Weaver, George Michael  17 Feb 1846Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2495
28 Wilson, Amos R  1970Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4596
29 Wilson, John McConnell  22 Mar 1877Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1717
30 Wilson, Penninah J  17 May 1916Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5012
31 Wilson, William  2 Aug 1866Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Marcella Jane  20 Sep 1932Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5897


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brisbin, Sarah  16 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1713
2 Brisbin, Sarah  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1713
3 Goheen, Bertrand Allen \Dick  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4592
4 Goheen, Clara J  16 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2633
5 Goheen, Dale M  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4597
6 Goheen, David W  8 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1706
7 Goheen, David W  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1706
8 Goheen, David W  1910Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1706
9 Goheen, Davis Grant  16 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2634
10 Goheen, Davis Grant  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2634
11 Goheen, Davis W  1840Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1656
12 Goheen, Davis W  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1656
13 Goheen, Davis W  16 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1656
14 Goheen, Davis W.  1880Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1718
15 Goheen, Edward  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5193
16 Goheen, Elizabeth  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1698
17 Goheen, Elizabeth Clara  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2736
18 Goheen, George  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1705
19 Goheen, George Washington  1840Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1661
20 Goheen, Helen M  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5198
21 Goheen, James  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1702
22 Goheen, James M (Black Jim)  1840Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1651
23 Goheen, James M (Black Jim)  1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1651
24 Goheen, James Miller  1840Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1658
25 Goheen, James Miller  1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1658
26 Goheen, James Miller  16 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1658
27 Goheen, John  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1696
28 Goheen, John  1880Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1696
29 Goheen, John Edward  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2737
30 Goheen, John Edward  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2737
31 Goheen, John Wilson  16 Jul 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2635
32 Goheen, Joseph Mateer  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2630
33 Goheen, Joseph Mateer  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2630
34 Goheen, Keith Rayburn "Red"  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5200
35 Goheen, Leona R  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5199
36 Goheen, Mary  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1703
37 Goheen, Nancy  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1700
38 Goheen, Paul Eugene  1930Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5202
39 Goheen, Ruth  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2629
40 Goheen, Ruth  1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2629
41 Goheen, Samuel Fremont  1880Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1687
42 Goheen, Sarah Marie  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2739
43 Gwinn, John Bovard  1860Clarion County, Pennsylvania I5884
44 Hoover, George A  1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2749
45 Jack, Barbara Ellen  1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1774
46 Jack, Barbara Ellen  1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1774
47 Jack, John Michael  1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I6822
48 Jack, John Michael  1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I6822
49 Kirkpatrick, Robert Wilson  1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1701
50 Marens, Sarah  9 Sep 1850Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1695

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Info    Person ID 
1 Goheen, James M (Black Jim)  1839Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1651


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Goheen, John Edward  1942Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2737


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Davis W  1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1656
2 Goheen, Elizabeth  1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1657
3 Goheen, George Washington  1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1661
4 Goheen, James Miller  1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1658
5 Goheen, Mary Ann  Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1654
6 Goheen, Ruth  1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1659


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buford / Goheen  26 Dec 1899Clarion County, Pennsylvania F1741
2 Goheen / Ardery  7 May 1867Clarion County, Pennsylvania F579
3 Leach / Goheen  12 Aug 1908Clarion County, Pennsylvania F3789