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201 1920 Census, William W. Goheen age 39 born KS; Finetta wife age 50 born Virginia; Samuel age 16 born KS; Ruby age 14 born KS. Goheen, Samuel James (I1273)
202 1920 Census, William W. Goheen age 39 born KS; Finetta wife agea 50 born Virginia; Samuel age 16 born KS; Ruby age 14 born KS. Goheen, Ruby May (I1305)
203 1920 U.S. Census
1930 Census has 1890 as year of immigration
First child born in Italy and second child born in Louisiana 
Candiott, Theordore (I7605)
204 1920 U.S. Census
1930 census has 1893 as year of immigration 
Candiott, Griffa Frances (I7606)
205 1927 Harry resided in Youngstown Ohio, when his mother wrote her will. Kline, Harry Leonadas (I451)
206 1930 census proves relationship Family F2194
207 1940 Census indicates that Lewis Manning, Nellie's first husband was divorced. He was also a witness to Nellie's second marriage to Clarence C Hull. Goheen, Nellie Naomi (I5034)
208 1990 Census Goheen, Ruth Mae (I408)
209 1990 Census Goheen, Edna Gardner (I1174)
210 1990 Census Data Goheen, Jonathan McWilliams (I394)
211 1st Wife of C.F. Goble Rutherford, Annie L (I9958)
212 2 male 5 under 10
1 male 20 under 30
3 females under 5
1 female 20 under 30
Edward Goheen on line 9 age 40 to 50, female 50 to 60
with 2 males 20 to 30 and 1 female 15 to 20
Previous page has George Goheen age 20 to 30
Possible George and James are brothers and Edward is parent 
Goheen, James E (I5697)
213 2 males between 10 and 16, one male between 26 and 45, 1 female between 10 and 16, 1 female between 26 and 45.
John if same as in 1820 census was between 35 and 45 years old. Born between 1765 and 1775. 2 males born between 1796 and 1800, 1 female born between 1796 and 1800; 1 female born between 1765 and 1784. 
Goheen, John (I1679)
214 20 Pitt Street
John Duffey Head, Married age 53, Cotton Weaver, born Lancashire, Ashton under Lyne;
Sarah wife 58 years born Lancashire, Ashton under Lyne;
Ann daughter, age 36, cotton ------ Hand, born Ashton under Lyne;
Jane, Daughter age 18, cotton ------- hand, born Ashton under Lyne;
Hannah daughter, age 12, Heald multer;
Levinah Duffey niece age 18, cotton loom hand. 
Duffy, John (I773)
215 20 Pitt Street John Duffey Head, Married age 53, Cotton Weaver, born Lancashire, Ashton under Lyne; Sarah wife 58 years born Lancashire, Ashton under Lyne; Ann daughter, age 36, cotton ------ Hand, born Ashton under Lyne; Jane, Daughter age 18, cotton ------- hand, born Ashton under Lyne; Hannah daughter, age 12, Heald multer; Levinah Duffey niece age 18, cotton loom hand. Shaw, Sarah Ann (I772)
216 20 years old unemployed. Goheen, Ruth Mae (I408)
217 2025 West Lahe Street
George Underwood, born Aug 1862, married 10 years born New York parents England, boilermaker, rents home
Anastacia, wife Jun 1862 3 children all alive born Illinois, parents Ireland
George, son, Jul 1891 born Illinois
James, son, Jul 1893, born Illinois
Edna, daughter Apr 1896 born Illinois 
Underwood, George (I6627)
218 21 years old and living with parents. Hosterman, Paul Zerby (I953)
219 21 years old, clerk on railroad. Goheen, Paul Milliken (I2156)
220 2131 Main st, Anaconda
Roy W Hamilton age 29
Sylvia wife age 20
list of roomers
line 8
Octave Rivers roomer age 44 widow married at age 30 born Montana father Canada French, mother Sweden, truck river for city of Anaconda, not a veteran 
Rivers, Octave (I6615)
221 217 Third Avenue; Nathanial Goheen born October 1859, father born Pennsylvania mother blank, married 14 years, is forge tender, rents home
Dora Wife has had 2 children both alive born June 1863 in Ohio, father born New York, mother born Ohio
Florence daughter born November1887 in Ohio in school
Maria daughter born August 1892 in Ohio in school 
Goheen, Nathaniel (I3714)
222 21st May 2007
The Cave FHS DNA Project started off in November 2006. it now has 20 participants.
18 results have been received.
8 of these results have an exact 12/12 match. (2 more indicate close relationship to these 8). They are from 7 members who have family groups based in the South Leicester, Warwickshire and Northampton area. They are joined by the Cave from Canada who has ancestors in Belfast. Four of these have taken their tests to 37 markers and show very close signs of relationship between them.

The major breakthrough is with a member in the USA who has an oldest known ancestor. John Cave, born about 1745 in Virginia. With a 37/37 marker match he is related to a member who has an oldest known ancestor, Valentine, born in Northamptonshire in about 1581. This is the first proof that Cave's of Virginia and Cave's of England are of common ancestry.
November 2007 - Summary
13 of the participants indicate close links in family groups in the Leicestershire,
Northamptonshire and Warwickshire areas. Three of these have a common ancestor in Leicester whose origins may be close to Stanford-on-Avon, the home of the Cave Family. Others closely linked, genealogically, are from parishes about that area but have yet to find the links between the various families.
Of the group with oldest known ancestor as Valentine of East Haddon, we now have others in this group from America.
November 2007 - Summary
The Cave-Browne-Cave and Cave-Browne group has one additional member and links are starting to establish themselves. This new member, in linking direct to the C-B-C and C-B families proves the genealogical links through Stanford, Pickwell, London and Yateley. In this, the enigma mentioned in March 2009 can now start to look in these latter places to find his links identified through genetic results.
The Lancashire group also has an additional member. The common ancestor here is John Cave, born circa 1675. Unfortunately these do not link with any other groups so must be considered as another lineage that will find roots directly to South Cave. 
Cave, John (I8770)
223 242 South 4th st
Grover Farrar age 55 6th grade education, born Ohio, same house in 1935 , laborer WPA road construction,
Jesse informer wife age 49 7th grade, born Ohio
Mildred daughter age 17 2 years high school, new worker
Grover Jr son age 16 2 years high school born Ohio, attending school
Dorthy daughter age 13 8th grade born Ohio attending school
Lois daughter age 11 5th grade attending school born Ohio
Warren son age 8 2rd grade attending school, born Ohio 
Farrar, Grover C (I6737)
224 25 years old, unemployed. McWilliams, Sarah Ann (I359)
225 26 June 1741 Daniel Marbarger of Elsoff and Anna Gertard a married couple have a son baptized, born on the 17th of the same month. Sponsor is Johan George Hautass and organist from .... Marburger, Johan George (I3002)
226 26 May 1899; I Mary C Goheen of the City of Jacksonville in County of organ in the state of Illinois wife of Lycurgus Goheen of the said City of Jacksonville in the County and State aforesaid being of sound and disposing mind...
First It is my will and I hereby direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid out of my personal estate ...
Second I give devise and bequest unto each of my daughters Annie E Goheen, Rosa L Goheen and Lillie M Goheen the sum of One Hundred ($100) Dollars each, but it is my will and I hereby direct that my executor hereinafter named hold said several legacies in trust for the time fit and use of my said daughters, and my said executor is hereby authorized and directed to manage control or invest aid several sums and legacies so given an bequeathed by me in trust for my said daughters ...
Third I will and direct that my executor hereinafter named out of the rest and residue of my personal estate pay out and use for the benefit and use of my daughter Eula E Goheen the sum of one Hundred ($100) Dollars
Fourth All the rest and residue of my personal estate of whatsoever kind and character of which shall die seized and possessed or to which shall or entitled at my decease, I give and bequest and devise to my beloved husband Lycurgus Goheen as his absolute estate forever.
Fifth I give bequest and devise unto my beloved husband Lycurgus Goheen all my rights title and interest in and to the following described real estate with all appurtenances thereunto in any wise belonging, to have and to hold all of said real estate to him ...
Sixth Nominate Lycurgus Goheen as executor

Death register indicated she died of long standing Apoplexy. Mary C Goheen born 7 May 1859 died 28 May 1893 (wife of L. Goheen). The daughter Lillie Marie the daughter of Mary C. was born July 3, 1893. This does not compute. One has to be in error. The 1910 census indicates that Lillie was born circa 1894. This indicates that the date of death of Mary C is in error.

Birth: May 7, 1889
Death: May 28, 1893

Wife of Lycurgus Goheen, married March 1, 1882 Morgan County, Illinois

Family links:
Marie Goheen (1893 - 1989)

Lycurgus Goheen (1843 - 1925)

Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County
Illinois, USA

Created by: Cheryl Behrend
Record added: Apr 18, 2011 
Evans, Mary C (I3083)
227 27 years old and still living with parents. Hosterman, Charles Henry (I950)
228 28d 1m 63y Stover, Eve Elizabeth (I1094)
229 29 June 1946 Whatcom County, Washington
Hazen W Goheen
Betty B Wellett
married by Robert W Peterson
Witness: James Goheen
Jean Sornberger 
Family F1618
230 3 cows, house and lot, occupation (tailor) Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
231 3 females
2 males under 16
1 male Over 16
6 other Free Persons 
Ford, Gardner Euell (I7637)
232 3 horses, 3 cows Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
233 3 household from Brice household
John Albright
1 male under 5
2 males 5 and under 10
1 male 15 and under 20
1 male 40 and under 50
1 female 15 and under 20
1 female 30 and under 40 
Albright, John (I3347)
234 3 males under 10
1 male 26 thru 44
1 female under 10
1 female 26 thru 44 
Cave, Emanuel (I10022)
235 3 shillings. Goheen, John (I1634)
236 31 Cavaley (Hawpe's Regiment Company A
Private, age 30, confederate
Feb 1863, absent without leave since Feb 6, 1863
March present
height 5 feet 6 inches, hair black, eyes blue 
Goble, Washington C (I8627)
237 31 years old living at home, clerk in Railway office. Goheen, Paul Milliken (I2156)
238 322 North 12th st
Louis Goheen [Lewis?] age 53 born Kentucky, parents born Kentucky, ection man on steam railroad
Ellen V wife age 43 born Kentucky parens born Kentucky
Lennie B daughter age 20 born Kentucky
Paul J son age 14 born Kentucky
Jessie L on age 8 born Missouri 
Goheen, William Louis (I3698)
239 33 years old. McWilliams, Nancy (I1145)
240 34 Medical Arts Square was the medical practice address. Shortle, James Samuel (I2928)
241 36 y 4 m 14 d Graysville Cemetery Edmiston, Nancy Rebecca (I1233)
242 36 years old, farmer, wife Nannie G. Bailey, John G (I2018)
243 390 Locust Street
Richard A Goheen age 33 is Draftman for St Highway Department, completed 4 years college lived in same place in 1935 rent $30/month has a radio
Lorraine age 33 wife, completed 3 years of college
Richard M age 8, completed 2 years of school
Elizabeth L age 4 
Goheen, Richard Albert (I268)
244 40 acres, 1 cow (tailor) Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
245 40 land, 1 horse, 1 cow (tailor) Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
246 40 land, 2 horses, 2 cows Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
247 40 land, 2 horses, cow Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
248 40 land, 3 horses, 3 cows Heinselman, George Albert (I2544)
249 401 West street
Amiel Van Huffel born Mar 1862 married 24 years born Belgium parents Belgium; immigrated 1892 blacksmith owns home with with mortgage
Meliene wife born Jam 1861 married 4 years 1 child born Belgium parents Belgium
Hennrieta daughter April 1896 born Indiana
Josephine daughter Oct 1880 born Illinois
Lizzie daughter Nov 1881 Indiana
Clementina daughter Feb 1883 born Indiana
Louise daughter Sept 1886 born Indiana
Agnes daughter June 1888 born Indiana
Leo son Oct 1889
Mary daughter June 1891
Thressa daughter Aug 1892
Floriona daughter Oct 1893 
Van Huffel, Therese Melanie (I10855)
250 402 16th Street
James R Coursey Rents home at $7/month, age 60 married at age 22, born Texas, father born Georgia mother born Arkansas, is not working
Cynthia, wife, age 54 married at age 17, Bron Texas, father born Tennessee, mother born Texas,
Ernest, son age 18, born Texas, is a laborer at gravel hauler
Alvin, son age 16, born Texas
Chester G, age 16 born Texas 
Coursey, James Robert (I7820)

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