Berks County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fisher, John  28 Apr 1773Berks County, Pennsylvania I802
2 Fosnocht, Allison A  1 Jun 1836Berks County, Pennsylvania I114
3 Goheen, Cora M  Jun 1889Berks County, Pennsylvania I6004
4 Goheen, David Albert  21 Mar 1948Berks County, Pennsylvania I6185
5 Goheen, Edward F  15 Dec 1835Berks County, Pennsylvania I10902
6 Goheen, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1790Berks County, Pennsylvania I1725
7 Goheen, George Washington  16 Nov 1815Berks County, Pennsylvania I1661
8 Goheen, Harry L  Dec 1869Berks County, Pennsylvania I4578
9 Goheen, Helen Irene  1 Feb 1904Berks County, Pennsylvania I5775
10 Goheen, Henry Mathew  9 Jan 1855Berks County, Pennsylvania I105
11 Goheen, Horace  15 Feb 1839Berks County, Pennsylvania I96
12 Goheen, Hugh A  19 Aug 1832Berks County, Pennsylvania I5694
13 Goheen, Jack I  30 Dec 1923Berks County, Pennsylvania I82
14 Goheen, Jennie  29 Oct 1863Berks County, Pennsylvania I112
15 Goheen, John  16 Oct 1781Berks County, Pennsylvania I1880
16 Goheen, Mary Jacobs  27 Jun 1783Berks County, Pennsylvania I1881
17 Goheen, Matilda  Oct 1897Berks County, Pennsylvania I6003
18 Goheen, Warren Eugene  Abt 1922Berks County, Pennsylvania I54
19 Holland, Robert P  3 Aug 1929Berks County, Pennsylvania I87
20 Kauffman, Sarah  5 Sep 1885Berks County, Pennsylvania I6192
21 Killian, Mary E  CA 1901Berks County, Pennsylvania I53
22 Lutz, Kenneth Wilard  15 Aug 1917Berks County, Pennsylvania I6008
23 Marburger, Catherina  26 Dec 1803Berks County, Pennsylvania I2840
24 Marburger, Christina  20 Feb 1774Berks County, Pennsylvania I2999
25 Marburger, Daniel  Abt 1770Berks County, Pennsylvania I2416
26 Marburger, Johannes  12 Jul 1766Berks County, Pennsylvania I2438
27 Marburger, Johannes  27 Dec 1799Berks County, Pennsylvania I2845
28 Marburger, Johannes  2 Sep 1809Berks County, Pennsylvania I2842
29 Marburger, Sara  29 Jan 1812Berks County, Pennsylvania I2843
30 Marburger, Simon  6 Feb 1807Berks County, Pennsylvania I2834
31 Meyer, Anna Maria  18 Sep 1772Berks County, Pennsylvania I2784
32 Meyer, Catherina  3 Mar 1788Berks County, Pennsylvania I2781
33 Meyer, Daniel  9 Dec 1782Berks County, Pennsylvania I2792
34 Meyer, Johannes Abraham  14 Jul 1780Berks County, Pennsylvania I2790
35 Meyer, Matthias  1 Jun 1778Berks County, Pennsylvania I2704
36 Meyer, Sarah  1780Berks County, Pennsylvania I2786
37 Meyer, Sarah  11 Jan 1801Berks County, Pennsylvania I2705
38 Moyer, William  1821Berks County, Pennsylvania I521
39 Reber, Adam  14 Dec 1781Berks County, Pennsylvania I3038
40 Reber, Daniel  16 Oct 1819Berks County, Pennsylvania I3041
41 Reber, Isaac  31 Aug 1808Berks County, Pennsylvania I3040
42 Reeser, Susanna  24 Feb 1793Berks County, Pennsylvania I640


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ida  1931Berks County, Pennsylvania I6023
2 Bechtel, Minerva M  13 Apr 1967Berks County, Pennsylvania I19
3 Britigan, William Brubaker  8 Feb 1948Berks County, Pennsylvania I6191
4 Browne, Sharai K "Sallie"  1884Berks County, Pennsylvania I18
5 Church, Martha H  19 Sep 1895Berks County, Pennsylvania I21
6 Devlin, Howard J  1983Berks County, Pennsylvania I6031
7 Fosnocht, Allison A  28 Oct 1914Berks County, Pennsylvania I114
8 Fratesi, Mary T [Marrianna]  3 Aug 2017Berks County, Pennsylvania I6130
9 Geiger, William H  1984Berks County, Pennsylvania I48
10 Godfrey, William Henry  13 Jan 1997Berks County, Pennsylvania I5491
11 Goheen, Abraham Charles  13 Aug 1949Berks County, Pennsylvania I5745
12 Goheen, Albert C  6 Jul 1993Berks County, Pennsylvania I5747
13 Goheen, Alberta A  22 Dec 2009Berks County, Pennsylvania I6006
14 Goheen, Barbara Ann  6 Aug 2008Berks County, Pennsylvania I85
15 Goheen, Benjamin  10 Aug 1783Berks County, Pennsylvania I1878
16 Goheen, Charles B  15 Apr 1995Berks County, Pennsylvania I6194
17 Goheen, Charles Harry  26 Jan 1994Berks County, Pennsylvania I84
18 Goheen, David Albert  26 Sep 2006Berks County, Pennsylvania I6185
19 Goheen, Fern Margaret  3 Apr 2015Berks County, Pennsylvania I6018
20 Goheen, Frank  7 Jun 1972Berks County, Pennsylvania I5463
21 Goheen, George W  21 Sep 1926Berks County, Pennsylvania I5773
22 Goheen, Jack I  23 Jan 2007Berks County, Pennsylvania I82
23 Goheen, Jennie  5 May 1935Berks County, Pennsylvania I112
24 Goheen, John  10 Jan 1782Berks County, Pennsylvania I1879
25 Goheen, Maggie B  12 Oct 1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I109
26 Goheen, Matilda  1919Berks County, Pennsylvania I106
27 Goheen, Minervia May  10 Oct 1959Berks County, Pennsylvania I107
28 Goheen, Richard Walter  19 Jun 2015Berks County, Pennsylvania I88
29 Goheen, Samuel E  6 Jun 1905Berks County, Pennsylvania I20
30 Goheen, Samuel Lincoln  1 Apr 1946Berks County, Pennsylvania I15
31 Goheen, Stella C  Dec 1979Berks County, Pennsylvania I51
32 Goheen, Walter Focht  25 Feb 1982Berks County, Pennsylvania I27
33 Goheen, William Ryland  1970Berks County, Pennsylvania I44
34 Holland, Willaim P  17 Jan 1964Berks County, Pennsylvania I7153
35 Kauffman, Sarah  1 Feb 1934Berks County, Pennsylvania I6192
36 Luigard, Helen E  1972Berks County, Pennsylvania I6021
37 Luigard, John  1923Berks County, Pennsylvania I6022
38 Lutz, George  Berks County, Pennsylvania I7285
39 Lutz, Kenneth Wilard  5 May 1994Berks County, Pennsylvania I6008
40 Marburger, Johannes  5 Dec 1802Berks County, Pennsylvania I2438
41 Mayers, Sadie  1964Berks County, Pennsylvania I7154
42 Meyer, Daniel  8 Aug 1786Berks County, Pennsylvania I2792
43 Meyer, Johannes  8 Oct 1790Berks County, Pennsylvania I2703
44 Meyer, Matthias  23 Apr 1867Berks County, Pennsylvania I2704
45 Orchowski, Frank  21 Nov 1931Berks County, Pennsylvania I108
46 Orchowski, Michael  17 Jan 1920Berks County, Pennsylvania I10156
47 Rohrbach, Regina A  29 May 1964Berks County, Pennsylvania I6005
48 Ruth, Ester Mae  11 Dec 2011Berks County, Pennsylvania I56
49 Texter, Patricia A  29 Sep 2009Berks County, Pennsylvania I91
50 Trait, Aaron G  30 Aug 1946Berks County, Pennsylvania I111

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Raymond Atwood  27 Mar 1952Berks County, Pennsylvania I17
2 Meyer, Anna Maria  Berks County, Pennsylvania I2784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Marburger, Carl  Between Jan 1812 and Aug 1812Berks County, Pennsylvania I2837
2 Marburger, Johannes  30 Mar 1800Berks County, Pennsylvania I2845
3 Marburger, Johannes  Between Oct 1809 and Nov 1809Berks County, Pennsylvania I2842
4 Marburger, Sara  Between Feb 1812 and Mar 1812Berks County, Pennsylvania I2843
5 Meyer, John Jacob  2 Nov 1776Berks County, Pennsylvania I2780
6 Meyer, Julianna (Margaretha)  16 May 1775Berks County, Pennsylvania I2439
7 Mulburger, Isaac  28 Apr 1806Berks County, Pennsylvania I2424


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barbara  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I115
2 Living  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6025
3 Living  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6025
4 Boyer, Dora Mae  1910Berks County, Pennsylvania I6193
5 Britigan, William Brubaker  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6191
6 Britigan, William Brubaker  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6191
7 Dietrich, Bruce Harold  1920Berks County, Pennsylvania I6017
8 Geiger, William H  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I48
9 Gilmer, Barbara A  1860Berks County, Pennsylvania I97
10 Gipprich, Walter James  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6307
11 Goheen, Abraham Charles  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I5745
12 Goheen, Albert C  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I5747
13 Goheen, Albert J  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6007
14 Goheen, Albert J  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6007
15 Goheen, Alberta A  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6006
16 Goheen, Alberta A  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6006
17 Goheen, Arlan James  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6019
18 Goheen, Arlan James  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6019
19 Goheen, Bennevill  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I10903
20 Goheen, Bernadine  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6024
21 Goheen, Clarence L  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I50
22 Goheen, Edward  1790Berks County, Pennsylvania I1959
23 Goheen, Edward  1793Berks County, Pennsylvania I1959
24 Goheen, Edward  1800Berks County, Pennsylvania I1959
25 Goheen, Edward  1820Berks County, Pennsylvania I4488
26 Goheen, Edward  1820Berks County, Pennsylvania I1959
27 Goheen, Edward  1830Berks County, Pennsylvania I4488
28 Goheen, Edward  1840Berks County, Pennsylvania I4488
29 Goheen, Edward F  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I10902
30 Goheen, Elisabeth Ellen  1900Berks County, Pennsylvania I23
31 Goheen, Elizabeth  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I102
32 Goheen, Evelyn Regina  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6020
33 Goheen, Evelyn Regina  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6020
34 Goheen, Fern Margaret  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I6018
35 Goheen, Fern Margaret  1940Berks County, Pennsylvania I6018
36 Goheen, Frank  1930Berks County, Pennsylvania I5463
37 Goheen, George  1840Berks County, Pennsylvania I100
38 Goheen, George  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I10904
39 Goheen, George  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I100
40 Goheen, George  1860Berks County, Pennsylvania I100
41 Goheen, Henry Mathew  1860Berks County, Pennsylvania I105
42 Goheen, Horace  1860Berks County, Pennsylvania I96
43 Goheen, Horace  1880Berks County, Pennsylvania I96
44 Goheen, Hugh  1840Berks County, Pennsylvania I1867
45 Goheen, James  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I10901
46 Goheen, James  1850Berks County, Pennsylvania I5427
47 Goheen, James E  1840Berks County, Pennsylvania I5697
48 Goheen, John  1786Berks County, Pennsylvania I317
49 Goheen, John  1790Berks County, Pennsylvania I317
50 Goheen, John W  1870Berks County, Pennsylvania I4627

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Info    Person ID 
1 Goheen, John  9 Mar 1786Berks County, Pennsylvania I317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Abraham Charles  1918Berks County, Pennsylvania I5745
2 Goheen, Abraham Charles  27 Apr 1942Berks County, Pennsylvania I5745
3 Goheen, Samuel Lincoln  5 Jun 1917Berks County, Pennsylvania I15
4 Goheen, Warren Eugene  18 Mar 1950Berks County, Pennsylvania I54
5 Marburger, Johan Simon  25 Apr 1780Berks County, Pennsylvania I2436
6 Marburger, Johanes  5 May 1785Berks County, Pennsylvania I2846
7 Orchowski, Frank  1917Berks County, Pennsylvania I108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Edward  29 Jun 1798Berks County, Pennsylvania I1959
2 Goheen, Edward  19 Sep 1825Berks County, Pennsylvania I4488
3 Goheen, Samuel E  1862Berks County, Pennsylvania I20
4 Marburger, George Ludwig  16 Mar 1783Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID 
1 Marburger, Johannes  1791Berks County, Pennsylvania I2438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Edward  1805Berks County, Pennsylvania I1959
2 Goheen, Edward  1809Berks County, Pennsylvania I4488
3 Goheen, Horace  Between 1882 and 1883Berks County, Pennsylvania I96
4 Goheen, Hugh A  Bef 1855Berks County, Pennsylvania I5694
5 Meyer, Johannes  From 1783 to 1786Berks County, Pennsylvania I2703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Goheen, George  1854Berks County, Pennsylvania I100
2 Goheen, John  30 Jun 1767Berks County, Pennsylvania I1634
3 Goheen, Samuel E  1846Berks County, Pennsylvania I20
4 Marburger, Christian  28 Dec 1767Berks County, Pennsylvania I2847
5 Marburger, Johan Simon  28 Dec 1767Berks County, Pennsylvania I2436
6 Marburger, Johanes  28 Dec 1767Berks County, Pennsylvania I2846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Marburger, Christina  Between 1797 and 1800Berks County, Pennsylvania I2999
2 Marburger, Christina  25 Apr 1802Berks County, Pennsylvania I2999
3 Marburger, Christina  29 Apr 1804Berks County, Pennsylvania I2999
4 Marburger, Christina  15 Jun 1806Berks County, Pennsylvania I2999
5 Marburger, Daniel  11 Jan 1801Berks County, Pennsylvania I2416
6 Marburger, George Ludwig  Between 1779 and 1788Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
7 Marburger, George Ludwig  13 Jul 1788Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
8 Marburger, Johanes  From 1795 to 1810Berks County, Pennsylvania I2846
9 Marburger, Johannas  1 Jul 1798Berks County, Pennsylvania I2833
10 Marburger, Johannas  4 May 1806Berks County, Pennsylvania I2833
11 Marburger, Johannas  23 May 1806Berks County, Pennsylvania I2833
12 Marburger, Johannas  15 Mar 1807Berks County, Pennsylvania I2833
13 Marburger, Johannas  10 May 1809Berks County, Pennsylvania I2833
14 Marburger, Simon  31 May 1805Berks County, Pennsylvania I2434
15 Marburger, Simon  15 Jun 1806Berks County, Pennsylvania I2434
16 Marburger, Simon  24 Dec 1809Berks County, Pennsylvania I2434
17 Marburger, Simon  5 Jul 1812Berks County, Pennsylvania I2434
18 Marburger, Simon  1813Berks County, Pennsylvania I2434
19 Meyer, Julianna (Margaretha)  11 Jan 1801Berks County, Pennsylvania I2439
20 Meyer, Julianna (Margaretha)  11 Jan 1801Berks County, Pennsylvania I2439
21 Meyer, Matthias  25 Dec 1799Berks County, Pennsylvania I2704
22 Meyer, Matthias  11 Jan 1801Berks County, Pennsylvania I2704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Daniel  From 1826 to 1827Berks County, Pennsylvania I1868
2 Goheen, Hugh  1801Berks County, Pennsylvania I1867
3 Goheen, Hugh  From 1827 to 1834Berks County, Pennsylvania I1867
4 Goheen, John  1784Berks County, Pennsylvania I317
5 Goheen, John  1785Berks County, Pennsylvania I317
6 Holland, Robert P  1993Berks County, Pennsylvania I87
7 Lutz, Thomas M  2005Berks County, Pennsylvania I6179
8 Marburger, George Ludwig  Jul 1766Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Taxes    Person ID 
1 Goheen, John  1767Berks County, Pennsylvania I1634
2 Marburger, George Ludwig  1767Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
3 Marburger, George Ludwig  1779Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
4 Marburger, George Ludwig  1780Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
5 Marburger, George Ludwig  1781Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
6 Marburger, George Ludwig  1784Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
7 Marburger, George Ludwig  1785Berks County, Pennsylvania I2435
8 Marburger, Johan Simon  1780Berks County, Pennsylvania I2436
9 Marburger, Johan Simon  1781Berks County, Pennsylvania I2436
10 Marburger, Johan Simon  1784Berks County, Pennsylvania I2436
11 Marburger, Johan Simon  1785Berks County, Pennsylvania I2436


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goheen / Bechtel  1910Berks County, Pennsylvania F5
2 Goheen / Haag  11 Mar 1865Berks County, Pennsylvania F4140
3 Goheen / Roberts  18 Oct 1879Berks County, Pennsylvania F1755
4 Goheen / Shugar  5 Dec 1868Berks County, Pennsylvania F4135
5 Horner / Meyer  20 Aug 1797Berks County, Pennsylvania F859
6 Klauser / Meyer  15 Oct 1793Berks County, Pennsylvania F858
7 Marburger / Holtzenberger  3 Nov 1765Berks County, Pennsylvania F752
8 Marburger / Meyer  15 May 1796Berks County, Pennsylvania F753
9 Meyer / Brautigam  6 Jul 1800Berks County, Pennsylvania F828
10 Trait / Goheen  26 Apr 1884Berks County, Pennsylvania F31