West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Francis E  1887West Virginia I1971
2 Christ, Alphonse L  CA 1907West Virginia I7098
3 Christ, Martin  CA 1913West Virginia I7100
4 Christ, Mary M  CA 1904West Virginia I7097
5 Christ, Michael M  CA 1912West Virginia I7099
6 Christ, Philip T  CA 1904West Virginia I7096
7 Donahue, Mammie Ellen  25 Mar 1892West Virginia I10482
8 Goheen, Catherine  Feb 1896West Virginia I5244
9 Goheen, Catherine Irene  1889West Virginia I5239
10 Goheen, Charles Richard  Abt 1936West Virginia I5217
11 Goheen, Charles T  18 Aug 1925West Virginia I7163
12 Goheen, Dennis Joseph  6 Mar 1936West Virginia I5615
13 Goheen, Dora Lahoma  Abt 1915West Virginia I5632
14 Goheen, Edward Thomas  1886West Virginia I5237
15 Goheen, Elizabeth A  1894West Virginia I5241
16 Goheen, Ellen  Abt 1865West Virginia I5637
17 Goheen, Frank Augustine  1 Jun 1893West Virginia I5240
18 Goheen, Frederick Edward  21 Apr 1916West Virginia I10486
19 Goheen, Helen  Abt 1923West Virginia I5636
20 Goheen, Jeremiah Frances  1 Mar 1906West Virginia I5258
21 Goheen, Jerimiah William  Abt 1905West Virginia I5250
22 Goheen, Johanna Agnes  May 1878West Virginia I7016
23 Goheen, John  Dec 1873West Virginia I7022
24 Goheen, John F  1 Jun 1871West Virginia I5267
25 Goheen, John F  Abt 1931West Virginia I5214
26 Goheen, John Leo  Abt 1903West Virginia I5249
27 Goheen, Katherine  Feb 1895West Virginia I5277
28 Goheen, Katherine Agnes  11 Oct 1908West Virginia I5259
29 Goheen, Lena Magdelene  8 Mar 1903West Virginia I5255
30 Goheen, Lucy  Feb 1898West Virginia I5278
31 Goheen, Mary  29 Apr 1869West Virginia I10485
32 Goheen, Mary  1888West Virginia I5238
33 Goheen, Mary E  Dec 1909West Virginia I5252
34 Goheen, Michael Thomas  6 Apr 1914West Virginia I5263
35 Goheen, Patrick Charles  7 Nov 1860West Virginia I5228
36 Goheen, Patrick John  Abt 1905West Virginia I5257
37 Goheen, Patrick Michael  1 Jun 1871West Virginia I5253
38 Goheen, Robert J  Apr 1879West Virginia I5272
39 Goheen, Thelma Lee  17 May 1917West Virginia I5634
40 Goheen, Thomas  1884West Virginia I5236
41 Goheen, Thomas C  1866West Virginia I6336
42 Goheen, Thomas C  Jun 1868West Virginia I7035
43 Goheen, Thomas Patrick  15 Jul 1898West Virginia I5246
44 Goheen, William  Abt 1905West Virginia I5276
45 Goheen, William T  Aug 1875West Virginia I5270
46 Hurley, Margaret Catherine  Dec 1867West Virginia I5243
47 Hurley, Mary Catherine  7 May 1878West Virginia I5256
48 Neal, Rena  25 Jun 1897West Virginia I5629
49 Nunley, William R  Abt 1937West Virginia I5639
50 Patheal, John E  Abt 1852West Virginia I4656

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ewing, Caroline Isabel  Jan 1986West Virginia I1491
2 Goheen, Kevin Brian  5 May 1963West Virginia I5620
3 Goheen, Martin Edward  1 Oct 1918West Virginia I5271


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Martin Edward  1917West Virginia I5271


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shea / Welch  5 Jun 1860West Virginia F2562