Lehigh County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bader, Evelyn A  Feb 1910Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5454
2 Bader, John F  Jul 1909Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5455
3 Bader, Raymond Jacob  8 Sep 1885Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5437
4 Goheen, Elmer  1875Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10913
5 Goheen, Mary Florence  18 Dec 1885Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5438
6 Goheen, Theodore  CA 1877Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10914
7 Heinselman, George Albert  2 May 1800Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I2544
8 Keiser, A Elmira  15 Oct 1851Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10910
9 Kramer, Catharine  5 Dec 1804Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I971
10 Wenner, Kermit M  1912Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bader, Raymond Jacob  9 Nov 1949Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5437
2 Ecker, Frederick Aurthur  29 Apr 1948Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5439
3 Goheen, Edward F  30 Apr 1918Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10902
4 Goheen, Elsie F  6 Sep 1900Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5451
5 Goheen, Frederick James  4 Jan 1984Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5442
6 Goheen, George  12 Jun 1922Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10904
7 Goheen, Helen Amanda  1 Feb 1912Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5450
8 Goheen, James  24 Feb 1919Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5427
9 Goheen, Katie Alice  Jun 1981Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5433
10 Goheen, Mary Florence  Jun 1978Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5438
11 Haag, Sarah  17 Mar 1922Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10919
12 Keiser, A Elmira  29 Oct 1921Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10910
13 Kemmerer, Elsie Sally  1926Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5447
14 Kunkel, Jane Amanda  9 May 1913Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5428
15 Mosser, Johann Phillip  27 Jan 1817Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I3630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Goheen, Edward F  1900Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10902
2 Goheen, Edward Franklin  1910Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5432
3 Goheen, Elmer  1880Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10913
4 Goheen, Elmer  1900Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10913
5 Goheen, Frederick James  1910Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5442
6 Goheen, George  1880Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10904
7 Goheen, George  1900Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10904
8 Goheen, George  1910Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10904
9 Goheen, Helen Amanda  1910Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5450
10 Goheen, Howard Theodore  1900Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10917
11 Goheen, Howard Theodore  1910Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10917
12 Goheen, James  1870Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5427
13 Goheen, John Oliver  1920Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I5446
14 Goheen, Theodore  1880Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I10914
15 Marburger, Christian  1820Lehigh County, Pennsylvania I2847


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goheen / Latzer  11 Feb 1893Lehigh County, Pennsylvania F4138