Armstrong County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ewing, Eleanor Rhea  Apr 1860Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1465
2 Ewing, James Caruthers Rhea  23 Jun 1854Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I392
3 Ewing, John Alvin  26 Mar 1856Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1473
4 Ewing, Martha Elizabeth  10 May 1853Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1466
5 Goheen, Samuel Fremont  2 May 1855Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1687
6 Jackson, Elizabeth Ruth  16 Mar 1875Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I3056
7 Peters, Blanch Jane  14 Jun 1902Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1394
8 Reddinger, Florence  27 May 1919Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I4603
9 Shoemaker, William  7 Nov 1827Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1699


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyer, Catherine Christiana  5 Sep 1905Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I10168
2 Diven, Rachel Adeline  18 Sep 1899Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2855
3 Goheen, Clara Jane  5 Feb 1852Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1685
4 Goheen, Margaret Alice  16 Feb 1874Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1690
5 Goheen, Martha Susan  31 Jan 1874Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1689
6 Goheen, Mary Elizabeth  19 Mar 1863Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1688
7 Hunter, Andrew  1837Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1009
8 Jackson, Samuel McCartney  8 May 1906Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I3055
9 Mulberger, John  9 Aug 1910Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2849
10 Peters, Blanch Jane  13 Apr 1967Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1394
11 Shoemaker, Clara J  8 Nov 1917Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I6851
12 Sweinhart, Susannah  27 May 1892Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2835
13 Wilson, Mary E  14 Jan 1916Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I3054
14 Wise, Rev Fredrick  30 Jun 1876Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I6649


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Beggs, Mary J  1850Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I5695
2 Bollman, Nancy Jane  1860Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I4605
3 Boyer, Catherine Christiana  1850Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I10168
4 Gahagan, Tirzah  1860Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I3749
5 Goheen, Amanda  1900Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2747
6 Goheen, Davis W  1830Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1656
7 Goheen, Elizabeth Clara  1920Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2736
8 Goheen, George Washington  1860Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1661
9 Goheen, George Washington  1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1661
10 Goheen, George Washington  1880Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1661
11 Goheen, Ida Ruth  1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1691
12 Goheen, James M (Black Jim)  1830Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1651
13 Goheen, James Miller  1830Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1658
14 Goheen, John Calvin  1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1686
15 Goheen, John Calvin  1880Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1686
16 Goheen, Margaret Alice  1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1690
17 Goheen, Martha Susan  1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1689
18 Marburger, Simon  1860Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2834
19 Marburger, Simon  21 Jul 1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2834
20 Mulberger, John  21 Jul 1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2849
21 Mulberger, John  9 Jun 1880Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2849
22 Mulberger, John  1900Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2849
23 Peters, Blanch Jane  1910Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I1394
24 Peters, John Alfred  1910Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I10461
25 Phillips, Clyde  1910Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I6590
26 Quinn, Ellen  1920Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2733
27 Sweinhart, Susannah  21 Jul 1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2835
28 Wiant, Selma Irene Stewart  1910Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I2748
29 Wise, Rev Fredrick  1870Armstrong County, Pennsylvania I6649


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Patrick / Goheen  23 Jun 1891Armstrong County, Pennsylvania F3939
2 Phillips / Wiant  24 Dec 1908Armstrong County, Pennsylvania F2387