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Father of Joseph Myers of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

The Father of Joseph Myers of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

The father of Joseph has eluded me for a long time. Through a conversation with an aunt, now deceased, history of Boalsburg and probates I believe this puzzle may possibly have a conclusion.
A daughter of Joseph Myers/Moyer; Adeline Kline remembered an “aunt Peggy”. Aunt Peggy was terribly marked by small pox. [History of Boalsburg, by Margaret Maragel, 26 October 1938, Centre Daily Times] Augustus and Margaret Wolf lived in Boalsburg Pennsylvania. [Newspaper articles, The Times, Bellefonte, PA 26 Oct 1938 History of Boalsburg, by Myrtle Magargel]
Who was this Aunt Peggy and how was she related.
Aunt Peggy was Augustus Wolf’s wife. Augustus has no will. The orphans court states that he left two children, Emanuel and Peter and a widow. The estate was not large enough to satisfy debts and was sold. [Probate: Augustus Wolf file #4770, Centre County Library and Historical Museum, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania]. A list of items being sold included many Boalsburg names among them were Wolf and Moyer surnames. Augustus wife Margaret‘s probate. [Probate file # 5049]
In 1870 census Margaret Wolf is living next to the recently widowed Elizabeth Myer and family. [1870 US Census, Centre County, Pennsylvania, population schedule, Harris Township, page 530, family 321, line 3, Elizabeth Myers, NARA micropublication M593, roll 1321]
The fact that Margaret continued to run the hotel after the death of her husband, Augustus; with the help of her brother, Fred. Census of 1870 shows Margaret Wolf and Fred Myers as a bar tender. The 1860 census had Frederick Myers an innkeeper and Margaret Wolf with her son Emanuel and wife Leah. The brother was most probably the Fred Myers found in the census.
A probate [no. 5065]of Peter Augustus Wolf with Augustus Wolf as administrator, indicated he had six children all over the age of twenty-one. A wife named Elizabeth; children, William, Augustus, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Sarah. (I have mislaid this probate, (do not have photo copy) I had transcribed it and may have some errors as it was difficult to read.)
A Frederick Meyer buried in Heckman Cemetery in Gregg township (Frieder Meyer, in German, d 17 November 1828, 69 years old.)
Will of This man Probate #2894 (Of course no punctuation)
Vis I have give my children some things for housekeeping that are married I wish to give Sarah and George the same Sarah is to have bed and bedding a Cow and a beurouth [bureau] George is to have a Colt or the price of one at six months old Margaret Woolf is to have a Cow I wish after the debts are paid that the remainder of my property may fall into the hands of my wife Mary Moyers her life time …
signed Frederick Moyers his mark
letters of administration 23 Nov 1829

Frederick Moyer's probate indicated he had a daughter Margaret named Margaret Woolf. It is my belief that this is the Margaret Wolf the wife of Augustus and brother of Fred Myers.  This Margaret Wolf is the "Aunt Peggy" that Adeline Myers the daughter of Joseph is referring.

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