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Letter from Civil War

       Camp at Halls Hill Nov 2/61

Fellow Cressons,

   Many days have passed since I parted from you and this day finds me on the Soil of Virginny in the service of my country. Had I not thought it my duty to go forth to fight in this glorious cause I would not have went, and am proud to say there are others from the F. H. S. that I have spent pleasant hours with have offered their lives in behalf of their country cause. Little did I think this time last year when I was with you that our country would be in this condition and that I would be placed so far from amongst you. But if my life is spared that I any return I hope to see the Cresson L. Society one of the brightest stars amongst all other societies.

   W. Hill is about 1½ mi from this place in a regiment that left Pittsburg. I [it] would seem hard though might nevertheless be true that the very first action we would be brought in to we might come across our schoolmate McAllister. Our camp is about 6 [miles] from Washington cross the Potomic. Halls Hill was occupied by the Rebels about 3 weeks ago but taken from them without any loss. When we first came here we were one mile from the Enemy. One day we were drawn up into a line of battle and we shelled them from our Camp which made them move their Boots in haste and now they have fallen back about 8 mi.

   Many of you have seen crouds of people but you have no idea of the number of men now in the [field] and as Gen. Scott has resigned the Command has now fallen upon Gen McClellan which I am sure is worthy of the office.

   In this part of Virginny the Country looks had the Houses ocupied by Union people driven off the land the grain has all be destroyed.

   Yesterday a Reble soldier was caught by some of our men while ought on picket they took him to the Generals Head Quarters ad he got asking him some questions and he got so saucy on his hands he had to sent him to Washington. Last week 10 Rebels were brought in and sent to the city.

   Being s stranger in a strange land and far from friends I long t hear from mu Schoolmates.

   So for the want of time I must close and my best wishes to you all, fellow Cressons.

I remain Yours J. R. Goheen

Camp Lesley 83 Regiment Penn Vol (Care Capt. Knox) Washington D. C.

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